Brazilian Agate Geode, Bold Agate Borders wit Deep Druze Cavity.

50.8 Lbs. 16″ Tall


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Nice formation on the Uruguay Amethyst, small Polished Stalactite Surfaces with Agate outer Crust.

47.4 Lbs. 23″ Tall

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Pair of Brazilian Matching Citrine Geodes, nice rich color

39.2 Lbs. 12.5″ Tall each

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Large Uruguay Citrine, excellent color with small to medium Points.

33.2 Lbs. 22.5″ Tall

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Uruguay Citrine with great color and nice Points, Awesome piece.

46.6 Lbs. 28″ Tall

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Very Nice White and Quartz Carved Bowl from Brazil

20.8 Lbs 3.5″ Tall

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Very nice White Agate Bowl from Brazil, Bowl has a very small hair line Natural Fracture at the Bowl Base buy does not take away from its Beauty and looks.

14.2 Lbs  3″ Tall

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Brazilian Quartz, Amethyst and Agate Bowl, a lot going on with this nice Agate Bowl

23.8 Lbs. 3″ Tall

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Wow! This is a tall hard to find agate, quartz and Druze slab from Brazil. Excellent texture and presents a nice piece for the home, office or work place on a metal stand.
45 lbs. 38.5” tall with base


Brazilian Agate, Quartz Druze over Chalcedony

15.8 Lbs. 10.5″ Tall

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Large Uruguay Amethyst with many small Polished Stalactite Surfaces and Polished Agate outer crust. Nice Bold Color.

140 Lbs. 27″ Tall

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Beautiful Deep Rich Uruguay Amethyst Color on a floor mounting Base. This Amethyst has a very Deep Cavity for the face with a Calcite Crystal that has found a home deep inside. Very nice Piece.

100 Lbs 37.5″ Tall with Base

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